Who Can use this?

Content Writers, School & College Students having a tough time with their essays and any one who would like to count the number of words, characters & Paragraphs can use this website.

What is new?

A New section has been introduced for SEO’s and Webmasters – It will soon be made live.

How to Use

Simply copy paste the existing document. You can also type in the white space.

What is Word counter for SEO?

For start up Webmasters, SEO is and important aspect and Onsite optimization is very much important for it. Certain text parts like Meta Headings, Meta Description need a specific character count. This section helps you to accomplish the same.

Word Counter

  • Total Word Count: 0
  • Total No. of Paragraphs: 0
  • Character Count(Without Spaces): 0
  • Character Count (with spaces): 0
I am working on this section. Please check back a little later. You will love it for sure
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