https://wordcounter.info/ is a blog which gives people a chance to express themselves. Today’s world allows for a lot of freedom of speech, and it reminds us of the saying “the pen is mightier than the sword.” Many people use words to express their opinions about various issues; it could be politics, social issues, the environment or just the expression of random thoughts. Freedom of speech is a right that people are allowed to have, and words are the best way to express emotions, feelings or an opinion on issues. This blog gives people the opportunity to speak their mind through words. When it comes to wordplay, some people like to use a lot of words, while some are concise and to the point when it comes to expressing something. Many times, it is necessary to stick to a word limit while writing about something. Also, there are times when people want to improve their vocabulary by bringing in more and more words into their diction. Because words are one way to express yourself, a blog will help you express yourself in the right way. It also gives other people a chance to understand or perceive your point of view, while giving you their reaction to your beliefs, which can be called a criticism or feedback. This blog is a common platform for people to exchange opinions about various things, or literally, to speak their mind. Like it is stated earlier, only when people tell others about the point of view does a discussion begin about various opinions.