Top Facts About Couples’ Behavior After They Tie The Knot

Marriages are vulnerable by nature. Society says tying a knot is important if you are in a relationship. But most of the love marriages are reported to break down. Couples do like everything about each other when they are in a relationship. The words like love, admiration, beauty, etc seem to bloom around the environment. But, after just a few months of marriages, the responsibilities and some habits start making the husband and wife suffer. We will discuss some of the hard and disturbing truths about marriage in this content.

Hard truths about the institution of marriage
1. Change yourself
Before marriage, everything looks to be very rosy and colourful. But, once the occasion is over, things get to a different bucket. People expect you to change. You are no more accepted with positive and negative characteristics. Your partner or any other members in your part’s home will never adjust. It is you who needs to do frequent adjustment and sacrifices.

2. There is no unconditional love
You must have heard about unconditional love between partners. But, once the wedding stuff is over, it is no more unconditional. Love also to have some conditions. The couple demands something with ether emotional or physical or social to get love back.

3. Compromise is a must
The institution of marriage has another name. It is none other than compromise. If you agree to marry, you should compromise. You must accept everything which the other person says. Even if you don’t like it, you need to keep quiet and proceed.


4. Third person can spoil your relationship
People speak about trust towards each other when they are in a relationship. But, once the wedding is over, any third person can create a tussle between the two. It can be someone within your family or the one from outside. You tend to believe the other person whom you hardly know but you doubt the intention of your partner whom you claim to love so much. Yes, couples get influenced by an external power.

5. Marriage- a show-off
Couples posts lovely pictures on social media sites. They want to prove to the world that their marriage is successful. That they are one of the happiest couples in the world is depicted through the pictures. But, they are the unhappiest partners. They fight with each other, they have disappointment, distress within the relationship. But, they don’t wish to show these to the outside world.

6. Never remember your first day of love
Did any of the married couple who have spent 2-3 years of their marriage remember the 1st day when they proposed and agreed to accept each other in a bond of love? If you ask this question to such people, most of the answer will be no. The negative factors after marriage win over your love relationship.

The hard truths about the marriage are genuine. The couples will admit to most of the points. People start taking each other granted after marriage. Instead, you must take out some time for your partner and start loving the way you did before the wedding.

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